On the 09th January 2019 We were granted IMI Approved Centre Status for the “Irtec Licensing Scheme”

So, I hear you say what is this all about, well as operators it is your responsibility to make sure you take every precaution to make sure you company stays compliant and a big part of this is vehicle maintenance so making sure that the vehicles are in a roadworthy condition is high priority. Our company attend Public Inquiries representing companies who have some how let certain parts of the operation fall out of compliance, usually more times than not it is vehicle maintenance. There are a few issues than can contribute to this situation financial restrains, lack of managerial control and inadequate training for staff etc.
Irtec accreditation for workshop staff is recognised by DVSA & Traffic Commissioner as a benchmark for carrying out vehicle inspection to a higher standard.
The Irtec Accreditation consists of a multi-choice questions which is computer based followed by a practical test.

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